Eastern Seaboard

The Eastern Seaboard, Thailand’s Riviera


Sea Falcon Beach452

Sunset in Na Jomtien Beach, Eastern Seaboard cost,Chonburi province. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

In terms of development, we could say that during the last years, the East coast  of Thailand has undergone one of the most impressive and greatest changes  in the country, with the only exception of  Bangkok, a city as no other in Thailand. The East coast, where Pattaya city is located,  keeps growing and growing.

What was a tranquil coastline, now shows modern, dynamic beach resorts, and if you go a little bit towards east, leaving the sea behind, several industrial states started to mushroom. Also,  in terms of infrastructure, not so far from Pattaya city , at  the south east of  Bangkok, in 2006 was  officially open for domestic and international flights  Suvarnabhumi  International Airport of Thailand what meant a strong push for the East Coast development, clearly translated in the peak of Pattaya’s real state market and the improvement of the hospitality sector.

Facing the gulf of Thailand and forming and angled corner reaching 500 kilometrs (300 miles) from the mouth of the Chao Phraya river to the Cambodian border, the East Coast boasts several fine beaches which, along with offshore islands, make it a natural choice for beach resorts.

The oldest of these, Bang Saen, remains popular among local weekend trippers from Bangkok, but it is nearby Pattaya that had blossomed into an international playground, only to become a victim of its own success, in some way, suffering from a extraordinary over-building and poorly planned infrastructure. Quieter resorts are found along the coast in Rayong province and on the island of Koh Samet, just off Rayong city.


Pattaya City 16

Once a tranquil fishing village, Pattaya has grown to became an important coastal city. Jomtien, although slower in its development, during the last years , its cost line has started to change dramatically. . Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Festival Center Pattaya Beach Road Pattaya City 13-05-2016 15

One of the many opportunities that Pattaya offered for shopping. Central Festival Shopping Mall, Pattaya Beach Road. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

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Long, tranquil beaches, clear sea water make Na Jomtien beach one of the favourites among locals and ex-pats as well. Pattaya city in the background. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Sunsets Sea Falcon028

One of the motives that made famous the East Coast of Thailand are its wonderful sunsets. Na Jomtien beach, Pattaya city.Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Sea Falcon, July, 12th 2014 46

Na jomtien beach, a family’s beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

If tourism first put the East Coast on the map, more recent fame and prosperity are resulting from the Eastern Seaboard Development Programme, a massive undertaking involving two large industrial states and attendant deep-sea ports, as Laem Chabang and Rayong. Fuelled by natural gas from the Gulf, this zone has become a center for Thailand’s expanding petroleum products and petrochemical industries as in Laem Chabang and Ma ta Phut industrial States.


Koh Si Chang, May,8th ,2014208

Ships entering Laem Chabang Port, seen from Ko Si Chang . Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Away from the coast, the region’s principal cities, Chonburi and Rayong, are unremarkable if you see them from the touristic point of view, or as an alternative for expats to live , but are bustling provincial centers. An exception is Chantaburi, a historic and intriguing city that boats Thailand’s largest Catholic cathedral, the church of Immaculate Conception.


Fishing Boats Departure point100

Fishing boats moored at Departure Point at the mouth of the Nam Hu river. Rayong city. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Chantaburi is also a center for trade in the gems, especially rubies and saphires, mined in the surrounding countryside and in neighbouring Trat province. A booming business in the 1980s, the gem market has slowed of late, although quality stones from Cambodia continue to attract dealers.

Chantaburi and Trat are also renowned for other more obvious fruits of the earth, the countryside producing a wide variety of fresh produce including three of Thailand’s most exotic fruits: durian, mangosteen and rambutan. Set against a backdrop of lush green hills, this south-eastern corner is an extremely attractive area with plantations and orchards complementing a natural landscape of considerable beauty.

Last , but not at least, along the East Coast, is Koh Chang, Thailand’s third largest island, after Phuket and Samui, and characterized by a hinterland of densely forested hills fringed by some superb beaches and coves. Koh Chang, along with other islands in the archipelago, has been designated a marine national park.

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Koh Chang 12-02-11 (141)

Going along the route that runs around the whole island, allows you to observe and enjoys the wonderful atmosphere that Koh Chang, densely forested island, has to offer. Koh Chang, That province. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Koh Chang 12-02-11 (87)

Koh Chang has superb beaches that enjoy an extraordinary similarity with Thailand’s southern beaches. Koh Chang, White Sands Beach, Koh Chang, That province. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Koh Chang 12-02-11 (150)

Making a stop to admire the view of the  small islands that are part of the  Koh Chag National park, at one of the view points of the route. Koh Chang, Trat province. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Koh Chang 12-02-11 (184)

At the south end of the island, there is a fishing village, where the fisherman houses have been replaced by small boutique guest houses, restaurants, souvenir shops and bars. Delightfully charming. Koh Chang, That province. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda



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