Going to Pattaya’s Beaches and Islands

Pattaya Beaches


Sea Falcon, March 2014029

Pattaya is one of Thailand’s most important tourist destination. Looking at this beaches, its sunsets, who would dare to deny that?. Na Jomtien Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Pattaya’s beaches are free, popular and busy, especially during high season. Starting from north, they are: Naklua Beach followed by Wongamat Beach, Pattaya Bay , Pratumnak  Hill Beach , Jomtien Beach  and further south, Na Jomtien Beach. Each one has its own charm and beauty. Whether you want to rest, enjoy water sports or  just looking for  peaceful day of relax and reading, you will find  a beach perfect for your taste.

Sadly, we can’t say anymore that Pattaya’s beaches  have crystal- clear  water or that  are pristine as they were in the past, incredibly not so long ago. Many years of thousands of tourists coming, an unstoppable construction of hotels, resorts, condominiums as well as  hundreds of boats, speed  boats, jet skies, and ferries going toward  the offshore islands, on daily basis, several times per day, have diminished the quality of these waters, and ,as a consequence, the beaches. That doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy them. We do, only with some care.

So, our proposal here is starting from the north of the city going along Naklua Rd, getting off toward Naklua beach, Crescent beach, Palm beach and Wongamat beach, going along Pattaya Beach Road, where Pattaya Bay beach is just on the right, then taking South Pattaya Road up to Second road, turn right at the traffic lights.

Following second road up to Phra Tamnak Hill, taking  to the right at the bifurcation , so now is called  Phra Tamnak Road, up to where there is a police box on your right, take  soi 1 that goes down  toward  the sea, you will arrive at Cozy beach. Next to it is Phra Tamnak beach where you can  walk all the way up to Jomtien Beach along a beautiful – 1,15 km long path , enjoying the view of all Phra Tamnak beaches, ending after seeing Dongtan Beach, at a police box.

The other option would be driving along Phra Tamnak Road up to the traffic lights at the junction with Thappraya Road where you turn right, past the traffic lights at the intersection with Thepprasit Road, turning right again at the next traffic lights, just in front of the statue of Machanu, Hanuman’s son,   down to the sea, next to a police box where  ends the path coming from Cozy beach and Dongtan beach.

The road that goes to the left, is Jomtien Beach Road  and on its right side is Jomtien beach. The end of Jomtien Beach Road means the end of Jomtien beach, and sadly enough, there isn’t any road that connects Jomtien with Na Jomtien, so the only way to get there is turning right and heading towards Sukhumvit Road to get to Na Jomtien Beach.


Lets start visiting Pattaya’s beaches:

Naklua Beach

The beaches in this northern part of  Pattaya are among the finest and cleanest in the city, bested only by those found on the surrounding  islands or in Sattahip district. Therefore, as we are not the only ones in thinking this,  during the last years,  five-star hotel chains and high -rise condominiums  have  been built  in the area, changing dramatically the shore line with its beaches becoming more and more crowded in the process. But it is fair to say that Naklua has still an enchanting feel, where one can hire a  beach chair, order delicious food and enjoy  reading a book or just looking the wonderful sea view, just getting relaxed.

The beaches in Naklua are not  a long bay art is the case of of Jomtien but small bays separated by rocky  formations, creating a sense of privacy, if that could be said. Naklua Beach, the main strip, is in the far north, followed by Crescent Moon Beach, Palm beach up to what is called  Wongamat Beach, a 3km long beach which occupies the northern tip of Pattaya Bay, but is only  accessible from Naklua.

 You could find further information visiting this website: www.pattayaunlimited.com/pattaya-naklua-beach/


Na Jomtien, December 25th, 2015 44

There are two things which are common to all Pattaya beaches: sunsets and beach vendors. They just sell from cloths, belts, ice-cream , goggles, to any kind of food, they are part of the scape. After living some years in Pattaya, we can’t imagine a beach without them. Naklua Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Pattaya, el pescador

Coast fishing, another element characteristic of Pattaya beaches…and this boy’s father has cached this big fish, just from the beach. The proud boy was in charge of bringing home. We saw it happening . Naklua Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Playa Pattaya 020

Sunset in Naklua beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


 Pattaya Bay

Pattaya Beach is a  2,9 km long bay. This lively beach is in the centre of the city where pubs, shopping malls, street stalls, restaurants, bars pack the roads. It is the most crowded beach of Pattaya, where  one can see hundreds if not thousands, especially in high season, people relaxing, swimming or enjoying various water sports during day time, but it is at at night  when this beach looks really alive  because of the brightly illuminated streets, pubs and restaurants along the shore.

The downside is that as this beach is the preferred by a great number of tourists especially numerous groups that chose it  due to its closeness to the city and who leave behind plastic bags and bottles spread on the whole area what makes difficult to maintain it in good conditions.. Although the local government  makes great efforts trying to keep this area clean, it is a truly tough challenge, sometimes with not so lasting  results.


Pattaya beach Road.4

A good book, a nice , although a little bit crowed at times beach, what else to ask? Pattaya beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Pattaya beach Road.5

With the same fervour that westerners look for a free -umbrella piece of beach to sunbath, locals look the refuge of a literal roof of umbrellas. Pattaya beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Pattaya beach Road.7

Food vendor walking along Pattaya Beach promenade, looking for potential customers under the umbrellas. Pattaya Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Na Jomtien, November, 28th, 2015 19

Pattaya beach, or any beach in Thailand, if you think about it, would meet the Thai standards for a good beach, if  there isn’t any  banana boat, loaded with screaming passengers. Pattaya Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Phra Tumnak Hill Beaches

Cozy Beach,  Phra Tamnak  Beach, Pattaya Park Beach and Dongtan Beach:
Cozy Beach is located in a quiet, little bay at the northern end of Phra Tamnak Hill, at the bottom of a small cliff, and accessible only via steps down its side. One of its advantages is that  is quite extensive, especially at  low tide, and is  special for families with children.

You could find more information visiting this website: www.pattayaunlimited.com/cosy-beach-south-pattaya/

Phra Tannak Beach in  the southern part of Pratumnak Hill, is quite  spacious and  one of the cleanest beaches in Pattaya, another of those “hidden gems” for families with children. One important detail to have in mind,  is that there is a well maintained –  1,15 km long footpath that  links this beach with  Pattaya Park  and Dongtan beaches  and extends all the way to Jomtien Beach. So it is accessible from Jomtien beach, along the footpath or just coming down along  Phra Tamnak Soi 5

For more information visit this website: www.pattayaunlimited.com/pattaya-pratumnak-beach/

Following this footpath along the shore, heading south, the next beach is  Pattaya Park Beach, and next to it, Dongtan Beach. These are two of the most serene beaches of Pattaya, and there isn’t  really anything which divides  them.

Dongtan Beach does have a reputation for being Pattaya’s gay beach, but  one can only notice it   because there  the masseurs are male, without exception, and yes, there are more same- sex couples than in other beaches, but it is still very much a family beach. Pine trees line the shore making it an excellent place to idle around.

There are many different options at the time of choosing  a restaurant or bar, or just to have a  calming, reinvigorating massage. Along the footpath  there are beautiful resorts and residential complexes with direct access to the beach.
Dongtan Beach is the first one coming  from Jomtien, along the  footpath that starts at the small police station, because traffic is not allowed during day time, giving an extra plus to the area.

 You could find more information visiting this website:www.pattayaunlimited.com/dongtan-and-pattaya-park-beaches/


Pattaya beach Road.6

Beach vendors, infallible in any beach.Where there are families with children, there will be vendors of all kind of water toys and jackets. PattayaPpark Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

na Jomtien, 6-09-2015 , 2015 29

Jet skies, another passion for tourists coming to Pattaya. You will find many places where you can rent a jet sky, but, you should be careful in doing so. There are many scams aimed to get more money from the tourists than the arranged , especially claiming for damages already done on the jet skies. Dongtang Beach- Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Sea Falcon, March 28th 2015 78

Pattaya beaches, in general, are safe for going with children. Normally the calm waters are not deep close to the sand, where you can have an eye on your kids. Phra Tanmak beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Traditional Thai house from Ayutthaya area. Rabbit Resort Pattaya. Photo Credit Silvia Muda18

Along the path that communicates the beaches on Phra Tanmak hill, the number of restaurants is really wide. There are also a few resorts, that we could say, are directly on the beach, what makes them a favourite spot for having a resting holidayIn this image, Rabbit Resort. Dongtan Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach is a straight, sandy shoreline some 6 km long which is very popular among Thai families, a fact easily to observe because  one can see beach umbrellas  literally roofing sections of the beach. Its distance from the main city, makes the accommodation a little bit cheaper and more family oriented.
Regular beach activities include  swimming and jet ski, banana boats, rubber rings for hire. There are many safe swimming zones free of boat traffic and jet skis making it ideal for children. Also, Jomtien beach regularly hosts beach football and beach volleyball  events.
Numerous hotels, resorts, shops and restaurants are located along Jomtien Beach Road, as well as seafood restaurants at its south end – very popular among Thais and tourists.

Also, if you wish to buy fresh seafood , just go  early in the morning, to south along  Jomtien Beach Road until to find the traffic lights at the junction with Chayiapruk Road, you will see  a police and Tourist information boxes. There are two or three points where small boats come to be moored , full of their night catch , and choose whatever you like.

 You could find more information visiting this website: www.pattayaunlimited.com/jomtien-beach/


Jomtien Beach- 2012 19

Jomtien beach is a long, calm beach favourite among locals. So, if you are interested in having a taste of Thai life, just go there, and  enjoy. Jomtien Beach . Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Jomtien Beach -May 2012 17

If you are lover of pic-nics, or enjoy walking on the beach with the sound of the sea as only background noise, well, just go to Jomtien Beach, in the evenings. Plenty space, very well illuminated, you will have the whole beach for yourself. In the distance, the lights of Baan Amphour . Just especial. Jomtien Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Jomtien Beach- 2012 39

Although seems incredible, but this is the same beach so empty at night. Fishermen boats, arriving in early morning with the night-catch, umbrellas and chairs already waiting for tourists, music, vendors. The other side of the coin. Jomtien Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Jomtien Beach- 2012 35

Midmorning in Jomtien beach. Fishermen cleaning and arranging their fishing nets , ready for another night in the sea. Jomtien Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Jomtien Beach 11

No words needed. Sunset in Jomtien Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Na Jomtien Beach

Jomtien beach is the  last of Pattaya city’s beaches that can be reached going along the city’s roads, as we have said. So, if you wish to go to Na Jomtien beach and further south, you should go back to Sukhumvit Road, and  take the  second U turn  after passing the traffic lights at Hua Yai intersection, getting on to Na Jomtien soi 10 until the end, or just keep going along Sukhumvit Road, and  left onto Na Jomtien soi 8.

Following this soi, you will  pass Pinnacle Hotel, turn right always following the narrow soi that ends at  the  round  cemented area and promenade. On your way back, you always could stop at the seafood restaurant that adding to its air-conditioned salon also has tables on the beach on the right side of the soi, for  having a delicious dinner while enjoying the sunset.

This  beach is some  2.9 km long and located  south of Jomtien , sub district of Na Jomtien. What distinguishes this beach from the others in the city, is the fact that there is not a busy road or promenade  along it.  So hotels, resorts, restaurants and condominiums are practically on the beach.
Na Jomtien Beach on the whole is not very congested, only tends to be crowded around the resorts which provide their own loungers for guests, and   restaurants where deck chairs and umbrellas are available for hire. So, you just  walk a little more and it is easy to find isolated  tree-lined areas ideal for taking your own beach mats and a picnic.

It’s a perfect place to go enjoy a long day on the beach, especially for families. Although the  sea water is not as clear and clean as it could be found on  the islands or in Sattahip area, but it is clearer than in Pattaya city and it is safe for swimming or for any water sport, as kite boarding, wind surfing and sailing or just coast fishing.

This is a long beach, and in days of low tide, Jomtien and Na Jomtien beaches  become only  one long beach. It is special for enjoying a healthy stroll along the shore, from Jomtien beach toward south up to the very end of Na Jomtien beach, at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club harbor that forms a natural boundary. It won’t be a short walk, but it is very much enjoyable, especially in the early mornings.

There is a fishing village along a canal which runs down towards the sea, passing Na Jomtien Yacht Club, and View Talay Marine residences,  that gives a special ‘touch’ to this area. It is really enjoyable going early in the morning just to see boats coming back from the night fishing, mooring all along this canal where fishermen clean the nets for another night at sea. It is a dream spot for photographers and a great opportunity to have a glance of a traditional way of Thai life.

You could find more information visiting this website: www.pattayaunlimited.com/na-jomtien-beach/


Sea Falcon Beach414

During days of low tide, if you are fit enough, you might be able to walk from Jomtien beach ending at the Yacht Ocean Marina, at the south of Na Jomtien without leaving the water line. Just amazing..if you are fit enough, that’s it. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Going with children - Na Jomtien Beach 1

Na Jomtien beach is an ideal beach for going with your families. There are several restaurants, shady trees and lot of sun . Have this in mind when planning an outing day with your children. Na Jomtien Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Na Jomtien, July 2015- 65

Think of any water sport, head toward Na Jomtien Beach, and you will get it. This is a beach where you will practice and learn whatever the sport you have chosen. And you won’t be alone.. Na Jomtien Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Na Jomtiem, 29-08-2015 2

If you prefer a more calm activity, as fishing, well you don’t have to go on a boat trip, just head for Na Jomtien Beach, you surely will find a spot waiting for you. Na Jomtien Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

na Jomtien, August, 30th, 2015 54

Coast fishing at Na Jomtien Beach, it is also a great entertainment for children. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Na Jomtien, June, 28th - 2015 - 119

Lunch break. Na Jomtien Beach  is not only an especial place  for practicing water sports of any kind, but also offers a great variety of restaurants on the beach where you can rest for the morning activity at sea, while sharing a good lunch with friends. Group of hobbie cats mooring on Na Jomtien Beach, just in front of a restaurant. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Na Jomtien, June, 7th - 2015 - 26

When thinking of any activity outside, or on the beach, be sure to have protection against the merciless sun. Na Jomtien Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Sea Falcon, Song krang,11- 04 2015 137

On a cloudy day with a low tide, is a great opportunity for a family activity, as walking along the beach, and looking what the receding waters have left hidden in the sand. Na Jomtien Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Sea Falcon, Song krang,11- 04 2015 57

Cloudy day in Na Jomtien Beach. Great day for quiet activities. Another way of enjoying Songkrang festivities, among family and friends. Na Jomtien Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Sunsets Sea Falcon040

Sunsets in Na Jomtien beach are just amazing. Still on your beach chair you are able to see Pattaya city silhouetted against the orange -pink purple sky. Na Jomtien Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Sea Falcon -January 2015- 97

When talking of Na Jomtien Beach, we think of a long, sandy beach, water sports and wonderful sunsets. but there is another aspect many times overlooked. There is a fishing village along a canal which runs down towards the sea, passing Na Jomtien Yacht Club, and View Talay Marine residences,  that gives a special ‘touch’ to this area, especially in early mornings. Na jomtien Beach, fishing village. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Sea Falcon -January 2015- 139

Early morning, the sun has just risen, a fishing boat gets into the canal after a night in the sea. Na Jomtien fishing village. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Sea Falcon -January 2015- 120

Cleaning the fishing nets leaving them ready for another night in the sea. Na Jomtien Fishing Village. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Sunsets Sea Falcon018

Sunset in Na Jomtien Beach. Unforgettable. Na Jomtien Beach Beach. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Islands Around Pattaya

Koh Larn

Koh Larn is a wonderful little island just  about 7km off the coast of Pattaya Beach. The terrain is mostly mountainous which is covered in most parts with heavy vegetation.
Koh Larn has six main beaches and a few smaller ones, all of them are of white sand and clear, flat swimming pool-like azure waters, marking a huge contrast with the quality  of waters  that we could find on any of Pattaya ‘s beaches. You can find   facilities such as bathrooms, showers on these beaches and  it is really easy to find restaurants that serve delicious fresh seafood or just any other dish you may desire.

You can get to all parts of the island by songtaeow, or motorbike taxi. Touring this small island from one beach to the other is so much fun and gives you the opportunity to choose your favorite beach.
The last few years, this tiny island became more popular among locals during weekends and  public holidays. As a consequence, there are many more options to stay, ranging from budget rooms to luxury resorts with all kind of bungalows in between. It is well worth the experience of spending the night on the island, or as some people who have discovered Koh Larn’s charming life, are staying for extended periods.
Surrounding Na Ban pier has grown a picturesque, charming little town very easy to walk around along its narrow, winding roads where, for the delight of shoppers, there are plenty choices of clothes and souvenirs shops among bars and restaurants.
Staying in this small village offers  the possibility of being immersed in daily Thai life, so difficult to find in Pattaya these days. The Saturday market, a meeting point for locals, is  on the esplanade in front of the temple, some meters from Na Ban pier to the left,  is just priceless. During these nights the place is much alive, and strolling among the food  stalls, enjoying Thai food having the  amazing view of Pattaya coast as  background, is a real gift, very worth trying.

If only I’d known…

  • At the time of deciding how to go to Koh Larn, two possibilities pop up: the speed  boats are a good option for groups, because the fare, that is much more expensive than the ferry’s, will be shared . But have in mind that traveling by the ferry boats, not only the fare is  much more cheaper but the experience in itself is just worth trying.
  • At Bali Hai Pier, the ferry boats  are docked at the end of the pier. The ferry going to Twaen Beach on Koh Larn is just to the left and the ferry  going  to Na ban or the main Village on the right, but it is advisable to ask when paying the fare, just before boarding .
  • The fare for the Koh Larn ferry to both destinations on the island is  around only 30 Baht, , for each way. If someone asks you to pay more than that , then you are probably not at the right boat.
  • If you are thinking in staying a night in Koh Larn, have in mind that there are a huge range of bungalows to choose from, but none of them is on the beach. There are plenty in the little town surrounding Na Ban  pier. As you won’t be able to take your car, be prepared to travel by baht buses or on motorbike taxi, or rent a motorbike.
  • If you rent a motorbike, be sure that you are used to driving one, there are lots of motorbikes  and vehicles going along Koh Larn’ s narrow and windy roads, and in any direction, making a short drive a huge challenge.
  • You could rent a motorbike at Na Ban pier, as soon as you get out the ferry, but have in mind that nearly all resorts have motorbikes for rent, so the easiest way, if you are thinking in staying more than one day, is just  rent the motorbike there.
  • Koh Larn gets very busy at weekends and public holidays, when many  Bangkok residents, who have rediscovered the island in the last few years, arrive. If you wish to enjoy a peaceful Koh Larn, the best thing to do is going from Monday to Friday. It is amazing  to see how life in the little town changes after the last ferry  leaves the island.
  • Koh Larn could be an excellent option for having a relaxed, different New Year holiday. Enjoying the sight of Pattaya’s shore line ‘getting  on fire’ during New Year’s Eve is just amazing.


You could find more information visiting these websites:



Sunrise in Naban Pier, Ko Larn. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Naban Port -Sunrise-January 2012 (5)

Sunrise in Naban pier, Ko Lan. In the distance, the silhouette of Pattaya city. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Naban Port-Sunrise_January 2102 (25)

Early in the morning, the fist boat from Pattaya has arrived. Locals and tourists walking along the ramp. Naban Pier, Ko Lan. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


First thing to do after getting of the boat is renting motorbike . The rental shops are very easy to find. If you are not confident enough for driving, the first time you could get a motorbike taxi. Naban pier, Ko larn. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Cars, with the only exception of bath buses, are not allowed on the island. Since that, the narrow roads of town are teeing with a procession of motorbikes that, although it  might  not sound credible, provoke some traffic jams. If you rent a motorbike, you should very careful, motorbikes will appear from any direction at any given time, at any given place. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Early morning in Ko Lan streets, and motorbikes have already started to interrupt the calm of this charming little town. The first boat has just arrived, with provisions, good , and tourists from mainland, from Pattaya. In only few minutes, there will be motorbikes in the opposite direction, with tourists who have just rented a motorbike in Na ban Port. Ko larn. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Straight away after renting the motorbike, you will see scores of young Thais touring Ko Larn’s town looking for all beaches on the island. One after another, taking selfies, until emptying the motorbike petrol tank. Ko Larn. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Fist selfie of the day in Huy Yai Beach, a small , charming beach located in the southern west coast on the island. Ko Larn. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Huy yai Beach(la playita) (7)

Clear-like swimming pool water, shady rocky formations give this small, charming beach a particular touch. It is sad to think that Pattaya city ‘s beaches had  once this water, and  thinking that Ko Larn is only 7 km from Pattaya, just in front of the city. Huy Yai beach, Ko Larn. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Ko Larn- Nual Beach 4

Ko Lan has beaches in different locations , so, depending of in which one you are, you will have the opportunity of enjoying spectacular sunrises as well sunsets. Sunrise on Nual Beach, Ko Larn. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

2 enero 2010 (36)

Early morning in Nual Beach, a small, quiet beach located in the northeastern coast of Ko Larn. The beach has just been cleaned, all chairs and umbrellas waiting for holiday makers. We should be also clear on the fact that nowadays, as many more people know about the beauty and benefits of Ko Larn’s beaches, going during weekends or Thai holidays is not such a great idea if you are waiting to have a resting stay. So, it would be much better to go during weekdays. Nual Beach, Ko Larn. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

15-04-10 (55)

Sunset in Nual Beach. All chairs and umbrellas closed for the day. Calm has return to this beautiful small beach, especial for enjoying a drink with the view, at the distance,  of the cost line of Jomtien. Relaxing, beautiful. Nual Beach, Ko Larn. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


During the last years, Ko Larn has been transformed into a new boom for tourists, locals as well as foreigners. As consequence , scores of bungalows, smalls resorts have mushroomed in the town and all over the island, but not on the beaches, therefore, you need to find a transportation to get to them. But , there are many resorts on the north coast, at both sides of Naban pier, so if you are lucky and get a room there , it is an exceptional location for enjoying not only the evenings in the town but also wonderful sunrises, what is priceless. Sunrise on Ko Larn, ready for having breakfast on the terrace of this resort. ko Larn. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Lareena Resort Llega el barco dese Pattaya-vista desde el balcón (1)

If you rent a room in one of the resorts located next to the pier, in Ko Larn town, you can sit on a comfortable chair on the balcony while enjoying the view of the last boat for the day, coming from Pattaya. In the background, lights of Pattaya city. It is just Wonderful. Resort next to Naban pier, Ko Lan. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Temple Fair- Ko Larn 2012 24

Staying in this small village offers  the possibility of being immersed in daily Thai life, so difficult to find in Pattaya these days. The Saturday market, a meeting point for locals, is  on the esplanade in front of the temple, some meters from Na Ban pier to the left,  is just priceless. Ko Larn. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

temple Fair- Ko larn 3-08-12 29

On Saturday nights, when the fair in front of Ko Larn temple is going on, the place is much alive, and strolling among the food  stalls, is just to be immersed in Thai life. The market starts in the evenings, after the last boat heading Pattaya city leaves the island . So, to being able to see and enjoy it, you should stay on the island for the night. Temple Fair, Ko Larn. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


New year in Ko Larn. A different way of starting the year. In the distance, Pattaya city’s fireworks. Just amazing. Naban Port, Ko Larn. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Koh Phai

Ko Phai Group of Islands is located about 13 km from Pattaya, and they are currently under the supervision of the Royal Thai Navy. Visitors are not allowed to stay overnight here, but could enjoy relaxing  time and swimming on their tranquil beaches during the daytime, as well as trying scuba diving or snorkeling. You will struggle to find better natural underwater corals and preserved marine life anywhere else in Pattaya.

All the islands are accessible by boat and charters can be arranged negotiating directly with the boat owners or go to  Bali Hai pier, pay the  fare at the box, just board one of the pleasure boats that holds between 20 to 50 passengers. The fare includes lunch that is served on the beaches.


If only I’d known..

  • If you decided to enjoy a day on these beautiful little islands, have in mind that there is no accommodation or services on the island. Lunch and  beverages are provided by the the boat staff. You will enjoy  a lovely lunch on these pristine beaches but toilets are on the boat. Having this in mind, it is worth  going .
  • If you travel independently it is worth noting that not all speed boats carry food, water, and safety equipment, so ask before getting any agreenment done.
  • Koh Phai’s most famous attraction could arguably be the World War II Royal Thai Navy vintage ship which was sunk in January 2003. The HTMS Khram was intentionally sunk to rest in 30 meters of water around 0.3 kilometers to the east of Ko Phai. A submerged artificial reef was created to the delight of  scuba divers.


You could find more information visiting this website:

Koh Pai 12 March 13-006

Ko Phai Group of Islands is located about 13 km from Pattaya, and they are currently under the supervision of the Royal Thai Navy. Visitors are not allowed to stay overnight here, but could enjoy relaxing  time and swimming on their tranquil beaches during the daytime, transparent turquoise water, white sand, no music, no crowds , what else to ask ? Ko Phai. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Koh Pai 12 March 13-044

if you enjoy snorkelling or diving, well, there are boats that will take you to some of the many places that are on the island. Ko Phai. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Koh Pai 12 March 13-051

Koh Phai, an excellent choice for a relaxing day on the beach. And it is not so far from Pattaya city. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Koh Krok

Approximately 8 kilometers off of Pattaya Beach is Kho Krok,  so small that we could see that is  a dot on the sea, is almost totally surrounded by rock formations. A gap of 100 meters to the east is a stretch of sandy beach where visitors can go and enjoy viewing underwater coral reefs. This island can be reached by chartered boat from South Pattaya.


If Only I’d known..

As this is a private island, permission to enter must be obtained beforehand


You could find more information visiting these websites:

Koh Sak

Shaped like a horse-shoe, Koh Sak is another tiny island – just 600 meters away from Koh Larn and about 10 km west of Pattaya. It has two beaches, one on on the northern side  and the other on the southern one of the island, with a pathway connecting them. Due to its secluded location, skin-diving to view the coral is popular here.
You could find more information visiting this website: www.bangkok.com/pattaya/islands.htm#


If only I’d known…

When planning a day out to Koh Sak , have in mind that this island  is very popular with the large numbers of Asian tourists that come to Pattaya, and the waters can be very busy particularly in the mornings. From midday onwards the tourists tend to depart, leaving the divers and snorkelers to enjoy the beautiful bay and plentiful corals.


You could find more information visiting this website: www.pattayadivers.com/koh-sak/

Islands Cruise

Admirallica  Cruise Pattaya

Admirallica Cruise is  a relatively new option  to get on the high seas of Pattaya. Board what is Thailand’s first and only pirate ship and enjoy a full day’s cruise around Pattaya Bay every Saturday. The action-packed pirate tour includes breakfast, a buffet lunch and speedboat detours to Koh Rin, Koh Ped and Monkey Island where you’ll enjoy a host of swashbuckling games and activities such as snorkeling, swimming and fishing. There’s even time for a disco foam party in the afternoon as the mighty galleon sets sail back to the shores of Pattaya.

You could find more information  about Admirallica Cruise visiting this website: www.bangkok.com/pattaya/activities/admirallica.htm   Or  email: pattayapirate@gmail.com


You also will find useful information about islands cruise visiting these websites:


Another option, which always gives excellent results,  would be asking into social groups, where there are cruises organised from time to time.




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