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When moving into Pattaya, do not loose a minute: join one of the international groups that are in the city. It is the best way for feeling welcomed, for being welcomed. Travelling with friends, one of the best way for socialising, for making friends. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Moving to and getting settled in a foreign country is difficult enough – put that together with trying to understand a completely different culture, customs, and language, and it becomes a much bigger challenge.

One way to meet this challenge head on is to join an international social group. This is a great way to being not only welcomed, but it’s also a way to get involved in things that interest you and allow you to be part of your new community and to develop that warm feeling of belonging. We did this when we first came here and found it a lifeline to making friends with similar interests as well as numerous events in which we enjoyed participating.

In Pattaya , you will discover that there are a number of groups, clubs and organizations that you can explore. As Pattaya is a city with a large international community, you are sure to find something that appeals to your interests.

These groups will give you not only all the support you need to get involved, but also those priceless ‘tips’ that you will need to acclimatize yourself to this, your new city. You’ll find that Pattaya will quickly become your comfortable “home away from home.”

One of the great things about Pattaya is that there is something for everyone. The range of groups in which you can participate is wide, and they respond to every wish. But as newcomers to the city, it might be hard at the beginning, especially if you do not know anybody else, that happened to all of us, until we found  a spot where we could make friends, find people with similar interests, and participate in the life of the community.

Take a look at the list of organizations that we’ve put together and find the ones that suit your needs, just to keep linking Pattaya together…


October 27th BC meeting I

We are very fortunate for having a Book Group where we , for one morning,  we are able to forget about everything else and just enjoy the discussion of a book, seriously, willingly, listening others opinions. A  pleasure that we get once a month. PILC Book Group Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

February,28th BG Meeting 9

For those who love reading, there is not greater pleasure than to discuss it among friends of different nationalities, it is such a rich, cultivating experience. The discussion of the book has ended, time for relax , pot luck lunch and chatting. PILC Book Group. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Bkk, Capital of Arts, April 3r322

There are few ways of getting to know people and making friends in the process as travelling together. Joining one of these social organisations and you very soon will find yourself enjoying a one day – or more trip with your new friends. Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

BG Meeting, July, 28th 2015 119

At the time of socialising ,Pattaya’s offer is really wide. Very soon you will realise of it. It is on you to decide which group or activity to join, which one will suit you better. You won’t be disappointed, you will find fun. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Social and Charitable Groups in Pattaya city Thailand

One of the first things an international newcomer to Pattaya looks for is a way to socialize and find friends. They have left family and friends behind in their home country; their husbands are working all day, or, if they are here alone, the days are slow to pass.

There are several  really good international  groups that are wonderful for new people and will help you get over your initial loneliness.

These groups organize a wide range of activities – social meetings like coffee and lunches, intellectual pastimes, sports, volunteer work and charitable endeavors, plus many others. Follow the links below to explore the options available to you.

Pattaya International Ladies Club (PILC)

This organization is a social and charitable group of over 200 international women representing more than 30 nationalities. In addition to providing social opportunities and cultural events, the Club also provides assistance to local impoverished families, with a focus on providing children access to education. Website: ; PILC Facebook page: Pattaya International Ladies Club (PILC) Facebook Group


Book Club in Pattaya City:

Pattaya International ladies Club Book Group: if you like to read and discuss the book with friends , just look for more details visiting:

PILC Website: PILC Facebook page: Pattaya International Ladies Club (PILC) Facebook Group


Rayong Ladies Circle RLC

Based in the Rayong area, south of Pattaya, this organization, was created with the aim of assisting expatriates of all nationalities to settle in Thailand, to foster friendship and to promote goodwill in the community by charitable work.
RLC Facebook page :

Women with a Mission

Women with a Mission is a private voluntary organization working to make a positive difference in the lives of children living along the Thailand/Myanmar border, and also helps impoverished families in Chonburi, a province close to Pattaya. Website: www.


In addition to these organizations that primarily help women assimilate into the life of Thailand, Pattaya has other clubs and groups where activities are shared by women and men. These provide an invaluable opportunity to not only meet more people if you are in Pattaya by yourself, but they offer a chance to share activities with your husband, after his working week , or if both of you are already retired. Here again, the range of activities varies from social meetings, sports, cultural activities, to volunteer work. Follow the links below to explore the options available to you.

Jesters Care for Kids

The Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive was established in 1998 to provide children in need with educational opportunities for a brighter future. It is a children’s charity that helps children of all ages, including disabled children, orphaned children, abandoned children, underprivileged children and local schools. With their help these children lead a happier, more comfortable life with a promising future. Website:

Pattaya Expats Club

This is a club made up of expats helping expats with advice for living in Thailand. It holds a breakfast and social meeting every Sunday morning. All nationalities are welcome. Special interest groups include golf, yoga, fishing and badminton. DVD and Book swap.           Website:

Pattaya Rotary Clubs

There a number of different Rotary Clubs in the Pattaya area. See more details about all of the Rotary Clubs of Pattaya visiting this website:

Pattaya City Expats Club

This is another expats club with weekly meetings and practical information dedicated to helping expats. It is also a social organization that offers a number of activities for its members.  Website:

Lions Club Pattaya

Local branch of the Lions Clubs International.   Website:

Radio Amateur Society of Thailand

Pattaya branch of the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand. The Society holds regular meetings. Website:

Pattaya Players Drama and Theater Group

The Players are “professional amateurs” providing regular theatrical productions in Pattaya. If drama is your hobby, on stage or backstage, see more visiting this website:

The Phoenix Performers of Pattaya

The Phoenix Performers of Pattaya is the complementary amateur theatre group to the existing Pattaya Players. It aims to have 5 or 6 productions each year, which will usually include a short play written by members and a musical component after the interval. Performances are held at Ben’s Theatre, Jomtien. As they don’t offer regular plays,it is important to check in this website:  or contact Bernhard Hansen’s email:

Royal British Legion Thailand

This group looks after the welfare of those people who have served, or who are currently serving in the Armed Forces of the British Crown and, or, their dependents. They hold regular Sunday meetings in Pattaya. Website: www//

Volunteering in Pattaya City

Now, if your interest is centred on doing voluntary work, making donations, or contributing in any way, the range of organizations dedicated to social work is wide and far-ranging.

There are two ways for getting involved in volunteer work: The first one is to join any of the expat social – charitable groups that we have listed above. They support a number of different charity projects, so you can choose one that suits your preferences. The great advantage of these groups is that they are run by expats, so you won’t get “lost in translation,” especially when you are a newcomer.

The second choice would be going personally to any of the social organizations working in Pattaya , and ask how you can help. This approach might have  its drawbacks, one of them being the language – unless you speak Thai,of course.


Regardless of which way you choose to work, here are some the organizations:

Fountain of Life Children’s Center:

The Fountain of Life Children’s Centre helps in different ways to improve the life of Thai families, such as aiding children and their parents to obtain Birth Certificates and Identity Cards to enable them to enjoy the benefits of being a citizen of Thailand, among others. The Center also provides vocational skills and basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing, and financial help in needy cases. It works with the Government Social Welfare Department to find children who have gone missing and it provides information and educates people to enable them to protect themselves from the risk of trafficking. Website:

Mercy Pattaya

The work of Mercy began in the year 2000 and is centred in helping the street children of Pattaya. Website:


The main objective G.R.A.C.E, which stands for Global Relief Association for Crisis and Emergencies, is to foster social change through strengthening families and eradicating the vulnerabilities of human trafficking. Therefore, this organisation is actively involved in human trafficking prevention, provision of professional counselling, teaching English to speakers of other languages and also, research development. If you are interested in knowing more , please visit:


Baan Jing Jai foundation:

Organization that runs a children’s home. Website:

Hand to Hand

Hand to Hand is a Christian organization that is based in Pattaya, and helps local children. Website:

Father Ray Foundation

The Father Ray Foundation is a charitable organization located in Pattaya, and  currently cares for more than 850 underprivileged, orphaned, abused, neglected and abandoned children, and students with disabilities. Website:


Volunteering Work: Teaching English

As an international destination city, the need for Thai people to speak English is huge. Most schools in Pattaya offer some form of English classes for students and most of them are always in need of English teachers. So, if you are an native English speaker or non-native speaker but a qualified English teacher, well, teaching English could be a good way of using your time and knowledge while helping others.


International Groups

A large number of Industrial Estates are located about an hour’s drive from Pattaya. In addition, many foreign companies are located here. So when we say that Pattaya has an important  International community, we mean it.

Although the majority of expats speak English, many more different languages are spoken as well. Finding another person who speaks your our own language helps a lot to make you feel at home.

A good option, though, is to join any of the Social -Charitable Groups listed at the beginning of this Section.

But, if you wish to know whether there is another expat of your own country living in Thailand, or perhaps Pattaya, a good and quick option is to go to an International Community online:

Although there are more groups of different nationalities, not all of them have an established website, having only a contact person, who might change at any time due to the rotation of foreign companies and their workers.

  • Dutch Group: For people from the Netherlands (or any other native Dutch speaker), they can find lots of Dutch orientated information in and around Pattaya on this website:
  •   – There is also an interesting general Dutch website:   
  • Filipino Expatriates in Pattaya:
    Would you like to get in touch with Filipinos living in Pattaya? Discover the Filipino expat community in Pattaya, the best way to make friends and to contact Filipinos!
  • Japanese Expats: you can visit this website:
  • German Group : German group doesn’t have a website, so you could contact one of its member: email to :
  • French Group:The same as with the Germans, the French group doesn’t have a website, but you might be able to contact: email:
  • Hispano Parlante group:  As el as the French and Germans, who don’t have a website, you could contact, just email:
  • New Zealand , Australia:
    There are different organizations where ‘Kiwis’ and ‘Aussies’ could join and useful websites :


Alcoholics Anonymous

The AA Thailand website has information about Alcoholics Anonymous meetings throughout the country and in Pattaya and Jomtien where open and closed meetings are held daily. Please, refer to the comprehensive website for meeting times, venues and maps to the locations. All AA meetings are in English unless stated otherwise. Website:

  • A history of Alcoholics Anonymous, by Older Clark

This visual and auditory unofficial history of AA cover the period of 1932-1971. So, if you are interested please, visit:

Narcotics Anonymous

The Narcotics Anonymous Thailand group provides help and support for those for whom drugs have become a problem and for those that want to stay free of drugs. Regular meetings take place in English in Pattaya and at other locations in Thailand.

A Narcotics Anonymous helpline is available 24/7  Website:

HIV/AIDS Support

Heartt 2000 ( Help Ensure AIDS Rescue Together in Thailand)  is run by French doctor Philippe Seur to help those suffering with HIV/AIDS and to promote prevention. Website:

Mental Health and Crisis Support

Pattaya Expats Club
The club has five different helplines with volunteers providing support for a number of issues including social and personal problems.  Please, contact this website:


After living in Pattaya for a while you will realise that there are more, much more than what we just have listed in this page, but to try to include all it is just impossible. Pattaya is a city that you must experience yourself. As we do. Every single day is a new experience, a new challenge.  But we really hope  that we had been of help with the information collected here. Although you might find further information and tips  when you were already  living here, we tried to give you a basic help. If you have some comments, please, lets know. In this way, we will keep linking Pattaya together.


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