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All you need to know about shopping in Pattaya


Festival Center Pattaya Beach Road Pattaya City 13-05-2016 17


Unless you are thinking of  going  out for every meal, you will need to know  the location of your favourite supermarket, which is the best grocery store, where to get the freshest vegetables, where to find your preferred face cream  or  where is the best bakery to get the delicious bread or cookies or croissants for the children that we used to have, if there is any, or if that specific brand of washing powder could be found here, or shampoo, or…whatever you need or prefer.

So, with our own experience of years living in Pattaya, will save  your time and efforts finding links with reliable information in each activity, trying to make a list of choices as broader as possible, without judgments because it is, in the end, a personal decision.

In this simple, humble way , it is how  we are  Linking Pattaya Together..


Going Shopping

When the time comes for shopping, we can assure you that if there is something that Pattaya does not lack, it is places for shopping: from fresh food markets to  big Supermarket chains; from streets stalls to super modern shopping malls  for every taste  and budget.


12-11-11 (1)

Selling traditional jewellery , bags, hats from the north of Thailand, along Pattaya beaches and streets. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Na Jomtien - April 2017 280

Very soon you will learn that going to any beach in Pattaya, will mean to have several vendors around. Do not worry, just say no, thanks.. but know that they will insist…Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Loi Kratong 2017 Pattaya Jomtien 94

Thailand wouldn’t be Thailand without food street vendors. Jomtien Beach Road. photo Credit: Silvia Muda

China Town, walking 10

You will find one of the most colourful , tasteful fruits just going to a fresh market. You won’t regret it. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Shopping Big C Sukhunvit 10

You won’t be surprised, well, yes, you will very much be at the beginning, at least, to see stalls selling almost anything from food , cloth ,watches, smart telephones, in  the corridors of shopping malls, or supermarkets.Get used to it , and have a look to the offers… Big C Supermarket. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Festival Center Pattaya Beach Road Pattaya City 13-05-2016 15

Central festival Shopping Mall ,Pattaya Beach Road. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Now that we are talking of  shopping, there is one Golden Rule that we should master or at least , learn, just from the start…


If only I’d known…

A Golden Rule for shopping in Thailand : Bargain.

  • Wherever you go shopping (with the exception of food markets, supermarkets and shopping malls) bargaining is expected, you will learn very soon that the prices are incredibly inflated and that you are supposed to bargain. If you are not used to it, well, just learn. It is not so difficult and you will get such surprisingly cheap prices. Get used to bargaining, you will obtain at least half the announced price..or a quarter when you get very much experienced.>
  • Bargaining has its own tips: going to buy early in the morning has the advantage of being ‘First Customer’ and so, getting a huge discount. This is because Thais believe that a satisfied first customer will bring more business  during that day.  You will see them touch each of the goods that are for sale with the bank note  that you just has given them : the “lucky note”.
  • Another tip: never show interest in what you really want to buy. Look at everything, ask many prices, and then casually, but never first, ask for the price of that item that you wish. Start asking the quarter of the price to get half of it.
  • If the vendor doesn’t put down the price, just say, “OK, I’ll go to the other shop that I saw before”, turn your back to go ..and you will be called back  by the same vendor, calculator in hand, putting down the price. You have won half the battle, now keep bargaining.
  • Buying more than one item helps a lot at the time of bargaining. Bargain first for one item, when you see that the price won’t go  down anymore, say :”How much for 2 or 4 …” or the number that you want to buy.  Start to bargain again for the total now. You will be surprised by the good prices that you will get. Always remember to smile; if you can speak some Thai it helps a lot and, if all else fails, then get a Thai friend to bargain for you.


Traditional Thai Markets


China Town, walking 18

Going to a fresh market is an experience on itself, one that we should go at least , once while living here. You won’t regret it, but that doesn’t mean that you must buy everything is on sale, especially, Thai food of you are not used to it.Leave them to the locals, just in case. Marinated -roasted ducks. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

China Town, walking 16

Variety of Thai food just cooked , ready for being bought. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

China Town BKK (71)

Fish , a delicacy for an especial recipe. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

China Town, walking 7

Look the colour of these pomegranates..not to say about their taste. Just wonderful. You will find plenty fresh fruit at any fresh Thai market. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

China Town, walking 11

The variety of fruits that you can find in a fresh Thai market is just incredible. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Going to these  markets is an unique shopping opportunity that we have to  experience, at least once. But after going for the first time and learning how it works, you progressively  will get used to it, and after a while, you will find yourself  going periodically.These places are ideal for getting cheap clothes and shoes, trainers that  are excellent copies of the brands, and you will be told ‘original, Madam, original’…copies. But the prices are as cheap as the tenth part of the real ones, so, in the end it is a good deal, knowing what you are getting.

In addition to clothes, shoes, Thai food generally is sold and cooked there for those who wish, this is especially for locals.


If Only I’d known…

  • When going shopping to Thai Markets, is highly recommendable to  go early in the morning and to wear light, cool clothes. This is because these markets tend to be nothing more than tents assembled together, “roofing” an empty area, so it gets really hot , especially close to midday.
  • Going to Thai markets means be ready for walking between scores of  stalls with a unimaginable variety of goods, and depending on the markets, those stalls might be just next to the ones where Thai food is cooked and offered..or just next to  containers of sea water where live seafood and fish  are waiting to be cooked…
  • Also going shopping to Thai Markets also means bargain! Be ready and prepared to put in practice your bargaining skills ! It is really fun , and worth going !
  • It is really appreciated by Thai people if you could say some words in Thai, at least a few ,out of courtesy.


Thai Markets that you can find in Pattaya

Because these markets do not have a website where you could get more information, we are giving some details…

Fresh Fish Market in Naklua

If you are interested in getting fresh fish and seafood, just head to Naklua, from the Dolphin roundabout all along Naklua Rd, until you find a tree wrapped in bright coloured cloth ing in  the middle of the road, look for a place to park on your left side and walk to the market.
The best time is going early in the morning, around 5 am, so you will be able to see the boats coming from the sea loaded with the night catch, and you will get fresher fish and seafood that you can get in Pattaya.

Naklua Sunday Market

Located in Sawang Fa Road,and with a high roof  and open sides, generating a open-air area, this market is  held every Sunday, where you can buy food, fresh food, fruits, clothes, bags, DVDs, pets, lingerie, electronic appliances and many more things at a very reasonable price.

Made in Thailand Night Market

Made in Thailand Night Plaza is a group of  shopping stalls,  Gifts, clothes, souvenirs and household items are available here.  Although it name  suggests  the opening hours during the night time, the market opens at 9,00 am until  late at night. Another a great place for trying your bargaining skills. It is located on the right side of  Second Road , between soi 9 and soi Honey or just crossing the road from Central Festival Pattaya, second road entrance.

Soi Bukhao  Market (Tuesdays and Fridays)

Another favorite among locals and expats, where you can buy clothes, shoes, kitchen ware, and more..  good prices after practicing your bargain skills. Located  at the end of Soi Buakhao, close to South Pattaya Rd, you will see Friendship Supermarket on the other side of South Pattaya Rd. It is a week day market, so it is advisable to go early in the morning, it could get really hot!

Talad Nut Market

Located in Soi Bukhao, Opens daily around 5 pm . General market selling bags, clothes, flowers, leather goods, fresh fruit, vegetables and cooked foods.

South Pattaya Rd Market  (Wat Chai Mongkhon Market)

Located on South Pattaya Rd, crossing the road from Wat Chai Mongkhon, from where it gets its name, is a food market. But going into it, passing through food stalls, we get to  one of the best fabrics markets of Pattaya.

Thepprasit Road Night Market (Weekends)

Thepprasit  Rd Night Market is one of the most popular of the local bazaars in Pattaya among locals and ex-pats as well. It is located on Thepprasit Rd, close to Sukhumvit Rd, and next to the Outlet Shopping Mall. There is an impressive array of stalls where you could find nearly anything  in clothes, shoes, trainers, bags and more… If you enjoy Thai food, there are several food stalls, so you could stay a long time there wandering . A good program for weekends ( opens Friday, Saturday and Sunday after 6,00 pm). Be ready to practice your bargaining skills !

Fresh Food Markets

Ronpong or Jomtien Second Rd Market (every day)

If you live in Jomtien and enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits, well, this is the place to go. Located on Jomtien Second Rd, a little further from the Manuchan, Hanuman son’s, statue heading South or what it is easier, just opposite Soi 5, where the Immigration Office is located – every ex-pat knows this address.

Jomtien Night Market

Located on Jomtien Beach Rd. This is a relatively new market, originally was a place where one could find many stalls selling Thai food and drinks. But it has became a huge market where many different items can be bought and it is still growing. It is a good choice to enjoy the sea at night, especially if you like Thai food.

Ratanakorn Market Centre Thepprasit ( located next to Colosseum Theater)

Newly built, opened in 2013, it is a huge market with hundreds of stalls and shops selling all sort of goods, offering another interesting shopping alternative to locals and ex-pats as well. There is a section of Thai restaurants worth visiting for a good dinner  and having a deserved rest after shopping.

Floating market





Shopping Big C Sukhunvit 21

Be prepared to walking while looking for what you need in any of Pattaya’s huge supermarkets. It is not only their size, it is just the logic in which products are shelved…do not look for them where you think they should be…they won’t. But, you will get used very soon, it is not a big deal, really. And it has its logic. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Favourites Supermarkets in Pattaya


Shopping Big C Sukhunvit 19

Due to the growing international community living in Pattaya and surrounding areas, more and more supermarkets are extending their offer, so you can see on the selves many more products that suit the western taste, including in supermarkets oriented more to locals, as it is the case of BIG C. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Pattaya supermarkets are a pleasant surprise to most visitors, not to mention to us, when just arrived.. Because  there are a large number of expats and long stay foreign visitors residing in the city, the supermarkets offer an excellent choice of products. Whether you are looking for meats, dairy products, vegetables, groceries,cosmetics, stationery or home ware, shopping in Pattaya stores will help you find anything that you need.

Some of these supermarkets are run by international retail chains while others are local stores, which have imported goods from the UK, USA, Italy and Germany, among other countries.


If only I’d known…

  • One of the  aspects  that we have to realize is that shops rarely open before 10,00 am, with the exception of some coffee shops that open early offering breakfasts, and supermarkets that open  generally around 8,00am or earlier,  including  those which are inside shopping malls. Be aware that some supermarkets open 24 hours, seven days a week.
  • There is an important issue that you should know: There is  a Sale restriction on all alcoholic beverages  from 11:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 24:00 only.
  • When going shopping  one thing that we must adjust to is the order in which  products  are organized on the supermarket’s shelves. It will take time, but once you get used to it, it is easy. But at the beginning, do not hesitate to ask the supermarket staff for the products you are looking for. They are there, on some shelf, you  only need to find them, that’s all !
  • Do not think that goods will be in the same position on the shelves  that you are used to, regardless of which country you come from, in Thailand is just different. The layout can change frequently.

Gluten-free products selection

We are pleased to report that most supermarkets are stocking some gluten free products now.
The  best selection (GF pasta, GF flours, and GF oats) can be found at  Waitrose/Tops in the basement level of Central Festival. Foodland and Villa Market also has some products.
It is worth noting that with each day that passes,  more GF products can be found in supermarkets shelves, an unthinkable reality just a few years ago.

Gluten Free ice cream : you could get a delicious Italian Gelatto gluten free at ‘Ci Gusta ‘Gelateria, Mimosa Shopping Mall. Also, “Ete” ice creams are gluten free, and those can be found at supermarkets (Best Supermarkets, Foodmart)..


Now, lets go to the favourites supermarkets in Pattaya:

Villa Market

Villa supermarket  is clearly orientated toward Western customers, and offers a large range of imported grocery products and local produce; fruit, vegetables, imported premium meats, deli, pet foods, organic foods, bread and pastries.. The food is generally of a higher quality and the prices do reflect this. It is one of ex-pats’ favorite supermarkets in the city. Website:

Best Supermarkets

Best Supermarkets, in its two locations (North Pattaya Rd in front of the Dolphin roundabout and at the intersection of Central Pattaya Rd  and Second Rd), are good for getting imported food. The North Pattaya Rd branch has  also an incredible wide variety of alcoholic beverages, at very good prices. It is one of, if not the best, place in Pattaya for getting a good wine or liquor at a good price.


Foodland Pattaya is a supermarket that is known for its imported food products including imported meats, seafood, fruit, veggies, bread and wine. What makes it one of the most favorite among ex-pats. Have in mind that this supermarket  opens all days of the week and 24 hours of the day, has also a Pharmacy and a Thai restaurant worth going to.


Makro is a Cash and Carry style store for bulk purchasing, consumer goods, a wide variety of fresh and frozen goods, especially meats. It is favourite among Thai owners of restaurants, but also it is a interesting option for expats, especially those with extended families.. there are two branches  located on Sukhumvit Rd, next to Underwater World, South Pattaya and the second on North Pattaya Rd, just opposite the Bus Station. Be aware that bags are not offered at the cashiers. So, it is highly advisable to bring them.  Website:

Friendship Supermarket

Friendship supermarket on South Pattaya Road , between second and Third roads, is an excellent place to purchase international and imported food at reasonable prices what making it another  favorite among ex-pats.

Have in mind that this area of the city  is really difficult to find parking spots. Fortunately, the supermarket has a parking lot. After parking, we are given a ticket that we should get stamped by the supermarket cashier, but be aware that it has a minimum purchase value for having a free parking. If you spend less than that, you should pay according of the time that you used the parking lot, which is fair enough.


If Only I’d known…

Friendship supermarket is located across the road from Soi Bukhao Market, and close to Tuk Com where  is a nightmare to get a spot for parking.So, if you go to Tuk Com mall or the area behind it whether  you are looking for fabrics, or heading toward Soi Bukhao market, it might be an excellent idea to leave your car parked at the supermarket,  walk  from there towards  IT com or  the market , and then , do your shopping at Friendship supermarket, and go home with all your purchases and errands done.


Foodmart Supermarket is located on Thaphraya Rd, close to Theprassit junction. It provides  Jomtien residents a 24-hour shopping with quality products, many of them international and imported, at reasonable prices.

Tops Supermarket

Tops supermarket, located in P.S Plaza, on the junction of  Second Road and Central Pattaya Rd,  has a wide variety of fresh produce, groceries and home essentials  so  it is another favourite choice among ex-pats. It has  also, a smaller store in South Pattaya in the Tuk Com building basement, and a hird branch recently opened in the Dark Side, soi Khao Noi, not so far from the railway Road.

The  upmarket store of the chain of retails Tops is Food Hall,  located on Ground Floor of Central Festival Pattaya Beach Shopping Mall and offers a  good selection of international foods, with a wide variety of premium food products including fresh meats, seafood, a wide selection of cheeses, fruits and vegetables, ready-to-eat foods as well as many other consumer products from top local and international producers.  It also has  a large in-store bakery that provides an immense variety of breads, pastries and cakes both Thai and Western.

For those interested in wine, Central Food Hall shows a Wine section that provides an unrivaled selection of different labels displayed in a 24-hour temperature controlled environment for optimal quality. A special place to have in mind at the time of planning a good meal…  Website:

Central Food Hall

For delivery of your goods you can visit these websites: 

Big C

Big C is a large hypermarket oriented for Thai customers, but some international food, cloths, bedding, white goods,alcohol, hardware, electronic  as well as home furnishings could be found there, at very convenient prices…so it is a good idea to go from time to time…

BIG C has three sites in Pattaya, each one with sightly different products offered trying to respond to different markets: Big C  North Pattaya is located in Central  Marina Mall   on Pattaya 2nd Road. This is the favorite among locals, so the products tend to satisfy Thai public. Be aware that although the shopping mall opens late in the morning, BIG C supermarket opens early.

The second location, BIG C Extra ( ex-Carrefour) is on Central Pattaya Rd, and tends to give answer to a more Western public, so there we could find  more imported products on the shelves, with a fine French bakery, great  fresh fish and meat section and a huge variety of French cheeses.

The third branch is located in South Pattaya, on Sukhunvit Rd  close to the South Pattaya Road junction. This Big C although favourite among Thai public, lately started to offer more Western products, having a special area for imported goods as well as a remarkable meat section,  trying to attract ex-pats living  in areas further south, as Baan Amphur, or Bang Saray, so they wouldn’t have to go into the city for shopping.  Website:

Tesco Lotus

Pattaya is part of the chain of the UK retail giant Tesco. Following the hypermarket format, it is among the largest of the supermarkets in Pattaya and has two sites : Tesco Lotus North Pattaya located on North Pattaya Road, opposite the Municipality City Hall, and not so far from the Dolphin roundabout, and Tesco Lotus Sukhumvit, located in Jomtien area, close to the intersection of Sukhumvit and Thepprasit Rd, next to the Pattaya Factory Outlet Mall.

Both these stores, although oriented toward Thai customers,  offer a wide range of products including food, hardware, toys, children’s and adult’s clothes at very affordable prices.
Have in mind that  in addition to the supermarket, we could find, retail brands,fast food outlets and a Thai Food Hall, besides branches of some banks. What could be more useful ? Doing your shopping, having lunch and paying the bills in the same place.  Website:


 Shoppings Malls you should  visit in Pattaya


Festival Center Pattaya Beach Road Pattaya City 13-05-2016 15

Central festival ,Pattaya Beach road. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

We do not need so much time living in Thailand to realized that Bangkok is a “Heaven’ for shop lovers. But during the last few years, the number of Pattaya shopping malls, have increased  impressibly making those shopping trip to Bangkok a part of the past. Not only there are newly built malls, but also the traditional ones were renovated and modernized  bringing along with this move, a wide range of choices, for the benefit of all of us.

We can find  and buy almost anything we need in these malls, from clothes, jewelry, shoes, electronics, and the list go on and on. So, if you are looking to do some shopping to get yourself fashionable evening wear for a night out partying or to buy designer wear, or you need to buy new clothes for your children, or to look for that specific new smart telephone, or gifts for our friends and family back at home. These malls are the choice for a whole day of shopping, excellent lunch, followed by delicious, tasteful coffee or tea or gelato afterwords, getting away from the sun or rain without traveling to Bangkok.


If only I’d known…

  • In addition to the big brands, in these shopping malls, along its corridors, there are lots of  stalls selling nearly everything and at much cheaper prices, and where we are able to practice our bargaining skills.
  • Be prepared to see promotions and big sales all around the year, so it is a wise idea go from time to time just to see what’s going on. You could save up to 70% off the real prices…
  • Three of these shopping malls, Central Festival Pattaya , Mike Shopping mall and Royal Garden Plaza are located along  Pattaya Beach Road , so it is easy to get lost for one day on the same road.



Have a look at the list of Pattaya’s shopping malls below and …. happy shopping!

Central Festival Pattaya Beach Road


If Only I’d known…

  • In front of the shopping mall, there is a beautifully landscaped plaza which features several water fountains for the delight of tourists, and where special events are occasionally held around holiday seasons. Around this plaza, there are several bars, and restaurants.  Although the main shopping mall closes at 23,00 , some of those ‘stand alone’ bars and restaurants, which have a direct access to Pattaya Beach Road, stay open until around 2,00am (or the time legally established as limit), which is perfect for all people who wish to dine and drink late into the night.
  • Another feature that makes this place special, is the simple fact that the Hilton International Hotel is seated over it (from the 7th floor up).  It is highly recommended to have in mind this during the Pattaya International Fireworks Competition held each November, at Bali Hai Pier or the New Year “Count Down” are held just a  short distance from Central Festival Shopping Mall and  the Hilton Hotel, so one of the best programs for one of those two nights is enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the hotel’s restaurants under the lights of the fireworks..

Central Marina Mall, Second rd

Formerly known as Central Festival Centre, which were totally renovated and upgraded.

To visit the official site, you will need a password, so we include this address, so you at least, you might be able to see some pictures and a map with its location. For information, visit this  Website:

Mike Shopping Mall


The Avenue Shopping Mall

For information visit this Website:

Royal Garden Plaza


Factory Outlet Mall in Pattaya



If only I’d known…

  • Have in mind when going to Outlet Mall  that as well as the anchor shops, there are many stalls in the central forecourt areas where we can find rack and bargain bins of all sorts of items for exceptionally  cheap prices. The Outlet Mall is the best place to get swim wear for the whole family.
  • The Premium Fashion Mall, which is located in the same land than Outlet Mall, is an outdoor shopping street concept  with a wide range of internationally recognized brands offering incredible discounts on sportswear, golfing equipment and fashion accessories. Although not everything in these shops is discounted, it is fair to say that the majority of items are over 50% off their original price, usually of the last season’s stock.

 Mimosa Shopping Mall

Find information visiting this website:


If you are looking for…

With so many options to choose from at time of shopping, it is nearly impossible to list all , but , on other the hand, each one of us have our favourite shops we know about and could recommend. It may be best to ask someone with similar tastes to answer questions like:  ”Where could I buy a good fabric…?” or “Which supermarket should I go  to get the best meat?
We can’t list every store on here but …

Lets start with a little help…

Just moved in? Furniture Shops in Pattaya


Shopping Big C Sukhunvit 4

Do not think twice….just go with your needs list…Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Index Living Mall


Chic Republic


S&B Furniture


Home Pro


Baan & Beyond


Boontavorn  (DIY, Hardware & Furniture)


Thai  traditional Teak Furniture Shops in Pattaya



Where to buy Home Electronics and Appliances in Pattaya

Power Buy




Medicines, Vitamins, supplements and more related with medicine:

Fascino Pharmacy

There are several branches , but the biggest is the one located on North Pattaya Road, jut opposite Tesco Lotus. You can find more information visiting this website:


Opticians, Glasses & Contact Lenses( offers a highly professional advise,specialist on progressive focus lens)


Just crossing the road from Royal Garden Plaza

Laundry/ dry Cleaning



Buying books in Pattaya

There are two  stores left, both located  at Central Festival Pattaya Beach shopping mall. The biggest is on the third floor, and the second , within the stationary B2S. Going into the main shop,you always could order your choice whether there is none left getting it within two-three weeks, depending of each case.

Asia books



Second hand book shops in Pattaya

Canterbury Tales

Website: ; Face Book page:

Pattaya Second hand Books

Website: ; email:


Buying IT products, computers and gadgets in Pattaya

Tuk Com City – IT Mall

Five stores building with endless stalls offering mobiles, cameras, DVD movies, etc.


Computer  Store and Service ( to have in mind  when you need your computer to be repaired if you didn’t find a shop that you liked in Tuk Com City).  Website:

Buying Stationery – Office Supplies in Pattaya

Silapaban  Stationery

For information, visit this website:

Office Depot

For information, visit this website:


stationery supplies, some music , videos, at Central festival Pattaya Beach Shopping Mall


If you are interested in  ’Ex-pats Tips’ for Ex-pats’,  at time of shopping, we found some interesting comments on these websites: 



After living in Pattaya for a while you will realise that there are more, much more than what we just have listed in this page, but to include all it  is  an up-the hill task, for not saying just impossible. We tried to give you an introduction, an idea of what you should expect to find in your new home city in terms of shopping.

Pattaya is a city that you must experience yourself. As we do. Every single day is a new experience, a new challenge.  But we really hope  that we had been of help with the information collected in this page. Although you might find further information when you were already  living here, we tried to help giving you a general view of your choices. If you have some comments, please, lets know. In the way we will keep linking Pattaya together.


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