Pattaya Through The Lens

Hindu Deities- Brahama- 4th Floor Gayrsorn Shopping Mall- Sukhunvit Rd August 201715-001

Playing with reflexions. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Ta Nei 096

Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Katmandu, Swayanbhunath Stupa082

Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Since we moved into Thailand, but particularly Pattaya,  we have travel, read, listened and  researched  further information that had interested us, contents that we had included in different  pages of this site. Yet,  all that information, it is not all that we might know and see, and it never will. Thailand is such an amazing country, Thai people are such an amazing people that we never  will be able  to say : “Ok now, I know everything I needed to know about this “... Just forget it. This country and its people keep surprising, we dare to say, at a every – two minutes basis.

Living in Pattaya  taught us many things. One of them is that never, ever, and we mean it, we should leave home without a camera. It doesn’t need to be a professional one, just choose one easy to carry, throw it into your bag …and be ready to rescue it at any given time. You have no idea of how many times you will use it.

In the same way, you have no idea how many times you will regret for not carrying it  that particular day  because you changed purses and left the camera at home, although nowadays, that is not a problem anymore, smartphones have replaced  cameras, for certain uses. But we still prefer the traditional way of taking pictures, especially  those of us  whom take photography  a serious hobby.

Taking photos is the best way to know the  people, the society we live in and  it  is the best way to understand the moment in which we live in. And everybody can do it. The only thing we need is just  to have the interest, the will and the decision to do it. You will be rewarded with an extraordinary, warm  feeling of being able to keep innumerable moments and memories,  never dreamed of, that you wouldn’t have  been able hadn’t you taken “that” picture. Just give a try, as we did.

Our proposal:

Simply, what we are proposing you in this page, is just to capture the moment, just  look  Pattaya Through  the Lens  of your camera. They don’t have to be professional photos, start with things that call your attention, that you rarely, or never, have seen in your home country, those things that if you have to tell your family about, you must show a picture  as a proof that you are not inventing the whole thing.

This is for having fun, it is not a competition, or a exhibition, just imagine having a coffee with your friends and then, talking about a particular issue, well, in order to support your argument,  you   show them  a funny thing, an incredible situation, a “momento” of Pattaya’s life that you had got with your camera. .

We created this space for sharing. It is a space where anyone can participate showing her- his  vision of Pattaya at any given time. This is a space where we will” tell” to anyone  who wants to see,  what it means  to live in this city, among its people, not using  words, but photographs.

What do  you have to do?

Take all photos you wish, send the ones you like most to , we will post them so anyone who wish to have a look at Pattaya would be able to do so with only visiting  our Photo Posts, even before moving in here.  Now, as a matter of organisation, we will ask you to follow a few suggestions:

  • Choose the theme or topic you do prefer, having in mind  any thing or situation that would help a newcomer to the city to understand  better Pattaya.  We would prefer photos of Pattaya city, its beaches and if you are thinking of  taking images of the islands, well, just go to Ko Larn that is only 7 km from Pattaya’s coast.
  • Because the idea is getting images of  the city and not of Us and the city, it would be preferable not to send  selfies.
  •  It would be also preferable  photos with not so much computer – work on them. We are interested on what you see , when looking through the Lens of your camera, fresh images, fresh tales…
  • We keep talking about cameras, but you can take  photos with your mobile, or tablet, for sure. Actually, we shouldn’t belittle nor denigrate the use of smartphones, there are some whose cameras have lenses that you won’t find in several cameras, so go ahead, take your photos!
  • It would be great whether along with the pictures  you send us a short comment , the tale behind the images, so  that the visitors of this site will be able to understand the context in which the picture was taken.
  • The pictures will be posted with the site’s watermark, but saying specifically  who has taken them, or  said in other words, we will respect the author’s credit. If you wish to have your name or email address posted along with the photo, in order to get communicated with anybody who would have visited the site, please, lets know stating it. 
  • We reserve for ourselves the right to not posting any photo that might be offensive, especially  toward the city, the country or Thai people, according to our own criteria.

Do it. As we do.We are not professional photographers, we just love take photos, keep them as memories of our lives here.

 Lets take pictures. Lets tell tales, lets capture the moments…


the photographers 2

Photo Credit: Gaby Libtzki

People, streets....182

Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Bhaktapur, journey to the Past170

Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Lunch and city View , Baioke H024

Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

11-10 candi Sukhu 89

Photo Credit: Gaby Libtzki

People, streets....179

Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Hindu Deities- Brahama- 4th Floor Gayrsorn Shopping Mall- Sukhunvit Rd August 201717-001

Take your camera, start looking for stories, start capturing the moments…Playing with reflexions. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Taking pictures, in the same way as when drawing, painting or practicing any kind of artistic activity, regardless  of our level of expertise or skill, will help us  to be more in touch. In this simple way, we are inviting you to be part of this site, to keep Linking Pattaya Together….

Welcome to “Pattaya Through The Lens”

Hunting Pattaya’s sunrises

Hunting Pattaya’s sunrises

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