Media and Communication in Pattaya

Media and Communications: Post, TV, newspapers and more in Pattaya city


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There are plenty options for getting TV channels in Pattaya, including you favourite Sports one.Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Just image that you have just move in Pattaya, found a home or apartment, finished opening all your suitcases, boxes and whatever you had  used for  bringing “your things”  from home,   your wardrobes and selves  are in a acceptable order, you can rest now. You will find anything you need in your new home. Good. Now, you will be assaulted by others concerns , for you will need to know where the closest Postal Service Office is and  how  it works, or how many days it would take your mail to get to your home country, what newspapers and magazines  are published in a language you know, etc. Your life here  has started…

So, based on our own experience of years living in Pattaya, we  have tried to give the basic information. Please read this page in conjunction with the section:   Utilities 

In this simple way it is how  we are  Linking Pattaya Together…

English Media

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Some of the newspapers written in English that we can get in Pattaya. photo Credit: Silvia Muda


Here we mean all media written in English that you can find in Pattaya.

You could find useful information visiting this website:

Newspapers and magazines:

Several local foreign-language newspapers and magazines are published either weekly or monthly, especially in English, Russian and German.
You could find more information visiting this website:

Newspapers and publication that could be obtained in Pattaya:

Pattaya Mail (English with on-line version providing daily news from Pattaya, Thailand and world; Weekly)


Pattaya people ( Pattaya Aktuell) (Mainly in English, some German, a little Thai. Weekly)


Pattaya Today (English;Fortnightly)


Pattaya Blatt (German;Weekly)


Newspaper Direct Pattaya

If you miss your the newspaper that you used to read back at home, then Newspaper Direct Pattaya might be your choice: You can choose from 800 newspapers from 81 countries in 38 languages, your internationally recognized newspaper, original in content and layout, will be delivered to your home, office or hotel by courier on the day of publication, often before it is available in its home country.


Pattaya Daily News

This is a Bi-language newspaper with on-line version providing daily news from Pattaya, Thailand and world news.


International Herald Tribune

English language newspaper with world and Asian news and current affairs. Some local news.

Bangkok Post

English language newspaper for Bangkok and Thailand with general news, sports, entertainment and classifieds.

The Nation

Newspaper with general national and international news, lifestyle articles, business, travel, classifieds and more.


Property Report Thailand

Information about property in Thailand, Asia and beyond.

Pattaya Grapevine

Free monthly magazine with local news and lifestyle articles.

The Pattaya Guide

Monthly lifestyle magazine delivered free of charge to hotels, resorts, supermarkets, shopping centres and apartment blocks. Focuses on entertainment and dining. On-line version with forum

Explore Pattaya & East Coast

Free magazine issued bi-monthly covering restaurants, hotels and useful information for tourists staying in Pattaya and surrounding regions.

Thailand Tattler

Thailand’s version of the well know international magazine with reviews and entertainment articles.

Tropical Living in Thailand

Lifestyle magazine offering information on buying property in Thailand including designers, architects and interior stores. Website: www.


Monthly magazine with travel, entertainment, tourist, shopping, dining and hotel information.

The Big Chilli

Lifestyle magazine with travel and restaurant reviews and listings of what’s going on in Bangkok. Published monthly.

Television in Thailand

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Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

The television transmission standard in Thailand is PAL B. This is different to the PAL I system used in the UK, so have in mind that  older televisions from the UK are unlikely to work in Thailand as well as older NTSC televisions from the USA . But nowadays, TVs are multi-system and can accept PAL or NTSC signals. The television’s user manual should include this information.

Terrestrial TV channels available in Pattaya

The terrestrial channels broadcast predominantly in Thai. Some have small sections of English-language programming or with some TVs the language can be changed to English for certain programs. The channels are: Channel 3 ; Channel 5 ( in Thai only); Channel 7; Modernine ( Channel 9); NBT ( National Broadcasting Service of Thailand) with some daily transmissions in English; Thai PBS ( Thai Public Broadcasting Service)

DVD Region Codes

Some DVD players are ‘region locked’  meaning that they will only play DVDs from the region where they were first used. Thailand is in DVD Region 3, along with the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea and Taiwan.


If only I’d known..

Nowadays, with other options for getting music on line, directly with smartphones  the use of DVDs have declined . But we will give some information anyway, for some nostalgic fans of listening music in the old ways: DVDs purchased in other regions, such as the US or UK, may not work on region-locked DVD players first used to play DVDs purchased in Thailand. Similarly, a region-locked DVD player first used to play DVDs purchased outside region 3 may refuse to play Thai DVDs.

As an ex-pat living in Thailand you’re probably missing your favourite T.V programs from home, or you are looking for viable alternatives to True-vision, CTH and the rank and file cable T.V companies. If you have a decent broadband connection there is now a safe, reliable and quality alternative in the form of internet T.V streaming…


Find more information visiting these websites: 

Getting Internet connection in Pattaya

Internet usage is expanding rapidly in Thailand, as is the list of providers. This is a list of Thailand’s Internet service providers: CAT Telecom; Jasmin Internet; Anet; CS Loxinfo; KSC Internet.

ADSL Broadband Connection

ADSL or broadband is available in  Pattaya and most cities in Thailand. ADSL Broadband suppliers: TOT; True Move; TT&T; CS Loxinfo; ANET; 3BB

Getting a broadband connection installed in Pattaya

Service providers don’t provide access to all areas. So it would be wise to have this in mind and  check to see if connection to your home is possible , before paying.


If only I’d known..

Usually, a fixed telephone line will be an added bonus when broadband is connected so there is no need for a second telephone connection.


Wi-Fi Hot Spots around Pattaya city Thailand:

Wi-Fi is available in  almost all coffee shops and many other venues .Just ask at the desk or look for a small sign on the table.


If only I’d known

It is possible to get monthly contracts or prepaid cards that include Wi-Fi access from the mobile phone or ADSL companies such as AIS, DTAC, True or 3BB.

You could find more information visiting this website:


Thailand – Postal Service and Mail Delivery

Thailand Post Mail Co.

Thailand Post Mail Co. Central Pattaya. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

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May be the letter that you are waiting for is taken in one of those two big bags. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda


The main postal service in Thailand is the Thailand Post Company Limited. This is a state-owned organisation which operates more than 3000 post offices in the country. Each post office has a wide range of services available from simply posting an item to personal banking. There are also business services for companies. Post office branches also sell parcel packing materials and most have a desk so that you can wrap your parcel there and then.

The postal system in Thailand is considered to be both fairly reliable and inexpensive, although it’s  tolerably , but still,   slow. Having said that , we should have in mind that  the post office does offer an express mail service which is much faster but costs more.

Many post office branches offer an ‘on-hold’ service, where mail can be kept for you to collect. They simply file the post away and wait for you to request it.  In order to collect the mail you will need to take with you your passport as ID and be prepared to pay a small sum of money for each item that is held.

If you are expecting a lot of post or cannot get to the post office regularly, a Post Office Box is another option. These are only accessible during opening hours and an annual fee is payable.

Address system and postcode in Thailand

You, as we did, will  quickly discover  that the address system is a little more complicated in Thailand than in many other countries. When you are  looking for an address, do not expect to find it among consecutively numbered buildings, as we were to used to in our home countries.

In Thailand, buildings are numbered in the order in which  they were built so, if the number of the building you are looking for is 15, it could easily be next to number 30. This can cause some delays with deliveries although in most areas the delivery drivers are familiar with the unconventional layouts.

A postcode in Thailand is known by the American word ‘zipcode’. These are composed of five digits. The first two digits of the code are to show which province you are in, the middle number is the district and the last two numbers indicate the sub-district, so all homes in the same sub-district will have the same post code. There are several online post code finders available.

When writing an address in Thailand you can use both the standard ‘Roman’ script as well as Thai script. The name of the addressee should be first, followed by the house/apartment number and building name. This is followed by the street name, town,  the sub-district, province  and postcode, then the country if this is necessary.

An example how to write your address correctly in Thailand:

Name of addressee
17/24 Road, Name Condominium or village
Jomtien Beach Road
Banglamung, Nongprue
Chonburi- 20260

Courier Services in Thailand and Pattaya city

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That so awaited package has arrived. Photo Credit: Silvia Muda

Courier services from international companies such as DHL, FedEx, are also available in Thailand, which is useful if you need to send something abroad quickly and safely.

You could find more information visiting these websites:

Online postcode finder

Thailand Post Company Ltd   website:



As we said, this is only an introduction, it would be just impossible to try to describe and tell all about this city and what it has to offer in terms of media and communications , because it will  be endless and difficult to grasp. Just let it to settle down a little bit…and then, visit the other sections of our site, one by one allowing all new information to fall in place.

Pattaya is a city that you must experience yourself. As we do. Every single day is a new experience, a new challenge.  But we really hope  that we had been of help with the information collected in this page. Although you might find further information when you were already  living here, we tried to help giving you a general view of your choices. If you have some comments, please, lets know. In the way we will keep linking Pattaya together.

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