Hunting Pattaya’s sunrises


“I like to see the skies”, a sweet friend who used to live in Pattaya for many years, once told me. I just looked  at her trying to grasp what she meant. I remember going back  home still thinking about what Peggy had said. Since then, I look the sky. Since then, I look differently, with other eyes, the beauty of a sunrise or sunset, a coming storm, or just the clouds changing shapes, while  capturing all I can with my camera.

I became obsessed with the changing skies taking pictures at any time, angle, under the sun, under heavy clouds, day and night until  one day, I discovered Pattaya’s sunrises. Moving into a 14th floor apartment, helped a lot. I just couldn’t believe that I had been living in this city for nearly 10 years and had never seen a sunrise. Pattaya for me, as for many others, was a city with extraordinary, glorious sunsets. Yes, it is also  true that  living in the city, in a house located inside a village, at street level, you miss a lot about this city, which is a real pity.

So, since then, and without thinking twice, the first thing I do  in the morning, nearly on daily basis, is to  take my camera, go to  the entrance of our apartment which faces east, just to see the sun climbing behind the hills. Just to see Pattaya’s sunrises. It is just incredible the different colours, tones, patterns of a sunrise. From blue to orange-red, from foggy to crystal clear, from cloudy to clean sky. Contrasting, similar. No one is identical. All are mesmerising, all are magical.

Hunting sunrises, a great pleasure. Being able to start the  day waiting for the ascending sun  gives it another dimension, another meaning, energises, it is such a good feeling. Looking the sun appearing behind the hills while tasting my first expresso of the day, turned, without realising, into  a daily routine, a ceremony.
Thanks, Peggy.

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Argentine, civil engineer by profession, ex-city planner by choice, amateur photographer and travel writer by chance; without speaking any English, I moved into Pattaya because of my husband's job in March 2003, along with our fifteen -years old son. With great conviction, will power and a great group of friends, those hard times are part of the past. Slowly, I started to find my own space, to recognize and feel Pattaya as my own city, I started to have a ...home, so far from Home.

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