Why We Do What We Do

Once upon a time, we were all new to this town, without a clue, not knowing a thing about everyday life in Pattaya…

The life of an expat woman, were she single, retired, wife of a working husband, or mother and wife of a working husband is at least, complex.

Yet, whether it was a personal decision or her husband company’ s  moving into Pattaya is, at least, not so simple as it seemed; for while enjoying the novelty, comfort, and may be, some luxuries never experienced back at home, we also face situations and challenges never experienced at before…

Being an expat means leaving behind our jobs, professional careers, our colleges, our friends, our relatives, and family… we leave behind our own story, we leave behind Home and the security that all that means.

We arrive in a foreign country, that for many of us also means a foreign country where people speak an alien language,  where we do not know anybody or anything…without a safety net.

We need to start anew, to make a new home, far away from our real Home. And this is also valid for expats husbands, or single men, young, not so young, children, teenagers.

Being an expat is like entering another dimension where we can’t take anything for granted.

As we understand this, because we have already experienced all that ourselves, we decided to create this site as a way of welcoming any other expat while trying to make the “landing” easier,  and in the process, giving  a glimpse of Thai history , culture and social customs, but above all, how this city lives… or how we could live here, or, how we could have our own Life here.

This is a site where Sharing has a real meaning. We will be sharing our experiences, doubts, questions on  ” Voices from Pattaya“; we will be sharing our views of Pattaya, on “Pattaya through the Lens“.

We are looking forward to hearing from all of you, send your opinions to contact@goodmorningpattaya.com  making this site your site, our site,  so we can keep growing together…

 Meet The Team

When visiting our site, very soon you will know and feel that this is a team’s creation. It couldn’t be in other way, “Eight eyes see more than two, four brains think more than one” as we like to say. Yet what it is also true, as you will experience , is the fact that Pattaya is a “Transitory Home” for many of us. We love to live here, but we know just from the start, that this is not the city where we will be living forever, we know that  at any given day, we will leave for good. And this is true for many of us, at least.

This  is a site created by  four friends, who started working on it as soon as the idea came out, giving the best each one. So , we had the fresh-ideas giver, the edition- experienced, the storyteller, and the common sense -foot on ground friend who helped this young, wild idea to become this site.  But  being  as dynamic as the city is, our Team, respecting individual needs, very soon, even before the launching of the site, began  to suffer the “transitory” side of Pattaya, when two of our friends left Thailand.

Since this is our reality, we had to cope with it, which we did and survived, thanks to the help of Ray, a friend who patiently took over the edition job and  and became one of the main Voices from Pattaya. Therefore, we decided to introduce you the Team who has dreamed, imagined and started goodmorningpattaya.com  More teammates are joining us, and  more  will come, this is only the begining….

Now, Meet the Team:

About Us
Hi, I am Ann Winfield, My husband and I retired to Pattaya in 2008  after spending many wonderful vacations here. My working background is mainly in college public relations, marketing and publications. Now living in Pattaya, my days are so busy, I don’t know how I ever held down a job!

Born in Coventry, England, I moved to the Hudson Valley in New York when I got married. We lived in San Francisco for many years, but moved back to New York when my husband was offered a job there. We currently have a home just outside of New Paltz which we use for vacations, and we rent a cute little house in Pattaya.

It is truly amazing how easy it is to get involved in the ex-pat life of Pattaya. You can meet interesting people from all over the world, and participate in activities you never thought you would – I went on a Zip Line for instance, a thing I never thought I would do! I also joined a wonderful group that discusses and explores the historical, artistic, and intellectual background of my adopted country.

About Us
I am from New Zealand, moved to Thailand in 2012, so, we have been living in Pattaya for nearly 3 years. I’ve taken a break from a career in advertising to accompany my husband on an expat life experience in Thailand. His work is the reason we are here. As you already know or are about to find out expat life has its challenges but is also incredibly rewarding in so many ways.

I feel lucky we are situated here in Pattaya on the coast, I love being near the sea, it’s good for the soul.

About Us
My husband and I first came to Thailand in 2005 for a holiday.  Between classes at Wat Pho Tradition Thai Massage School, we explored Bangkok and Southeast Asia, falling in love with the culture, food and people.

In the ensuing winters we returned, making Pattaya our base for further explorations.  Living full time in this Chonburi province community was an easy choice made in 2012.

Together and separately we have found new networks of friends, new communities of support and fellowship and have traveled and explored not only Thailand but the surrounding regions and continent.

About Us
Argentine, civil engineer by profession, ex-city planner by choice, amateur photographer and travel writer by chance; without speaking any English, I moved into Pattaya because of  my husband’s job in March 2003, along with our fifteen -years old son.

With great conviction, will power and a great group of friends, those hard times are part of the past. Slowly, I started to find my own space, to recognize and feel Pattaya as my own city, I started to have a …home, so far from Home.

Today, fourteen years later, I am able to communicate in English, have a very good friends who share my love for traveling, reading books, photography, learning about this country and its amazing people and culture. It was with them that we decided to have this space where we could share with any newcomer willing to listen, all we have learnt as expats living in Pattaya .

About Us
Dr. Ray Lightbown is a retired psychotherapist and psychology   professor, who has lived in Pattaya for the past 13 years.Since retiring here, Ray has been a volunteer English teacher at Mahatai Vocational School for People with Physical Disabilities (run by the Redemptorists as part of the Father Ray Foundation).
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